Whitehill & Bordon’s £1 billion transformation into Hampshire’s Green Town is creating 5,500 new jobs and 3,350 new homes - as well as a new town centre, new schools, a new road, new health facilities and improved and accessible green spaces. This makes the town one of the most expansive place-making schemes in the country.

Whitehill & Bordon had a military presence for more than 100 years until the Ministry of Defence relocated to Wiltshire in 2015, leaving behind a swathe of land, ripe for commercial development. This space will be utilised for modern, high quality space for start-up enterprises, expansion space for local growing business and new development opportunities for inward investors.

The 5,500 new jobs will come from a variety of sectors including industry and office, construction, home working, retail, public services and the growth of existing businesses.

The vision for the town is to create a hub for technology businesses that complement the high environmental standards promoted throughout the regeneration. The town is set to become a welcoming home for industries such as advanced engineering, automotive, digital, renewable energy technologies and sustainable construction.

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