Keeping residents informed, empowered and, where necessary, involved with the transformation of Whitehill & Bordon is a key element of the regeneration. As a result a consultative tier known as Xchange has been established to keep the community at the heart of the transformation journey. Xchange is a group of organisations whose members are committed to the principles of community engagement and involvement, and believe that it is important to give all organisations in Whitehill & Bordon a clear way of working with regeneration partners in order to benefit both the existing and new residents.

Xchange aims to:

• Enable residents to be informed and empowered during the regeneration process.
• Identify and take actions to meet identified community needs and concerns.
• Identify, promote and celebrate good community news.
• Help foster a real sense of community spirit, by encouraging the coming together of existing and new residents.

Xchange will:

• Ensure that information is provided for the community in a relevant, jargon free and consistent manner.
• Promote consultation opportunities, working closely with developers to identify issues of interest and influence to the community.
• Encourage community involvement by supporting and promoting a range of existing and new events and activities to residents.
• Support community development by proactively engaging with a wide range of organisations to help identify needs, gaps and solutions.

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